Have sufficient funds on your credit card
It may happen that your bank will ask for a two-factor identification, be sure to check the setting of this and do not forget to approve the payment in time within the internet bank
Pro tip: we recommend that you start the ticket purchase from a desktop/laptop, there is much less chance of error, for example when entering your details.


Before you start shopping, be sure to check the followings:

Let's get started!

To start the purchase, first click on the "Buy Ticket/Buy" button:

Automatic seat selection

When you move the cursor over a given ticket price category, the system will show you which sectors have tickets available at that price. If you buy seats in this way, be sure to check the basket to see where the automatically added seats are. If the seats chosen by the system do not match, you should either use the manual seat selection instead or choose another category.

Choose a sector

It is possible to choose between sectors, in this case the system will select the best available places in the sector. In this case it is also worth checking within the basket where the system has allocated the tickets.

Select seats

First selecting the zone and then the chairs, you can manually add the ones you like best to the cart. Once you have selected the appropriate places, click on the "Add to cart" button at the bottom left of the page.

Shopping cart

Then check the contents of your shopping cart, and if everything is in order, click on Pay


- You can choose to shop with an existing account or as a guest before you start paying - If you have already registered, you can log in with the email address you used before - You can create your own account by entering an email address - You can also login with a Google or Facebook account - You can also shop as a guest, in which case the account will be automatically created during the purchase

On the next page you will need to enter your billing details such as: - Full Name / Company Name - Address

When entering your address, you can use the search engine (just start typing and the system will return it), or you can click on the "Enter manually" button to "manually" enter your address. Then accept the disclaimers and click "Next".
Before starting the payment process, you can check the contents of your shopping cart one last time and if everything is correct, click on the "Proceed to payment" button, after which you will be redirected to the Simple Pay payment page.

You can pay for your tickets in reverse on Simple Pay: 1. By entering your credit card details 2. Simple Account payment (possible with an existing SimplePay registration) 3. SimplePay with SimplePay using SimplePay.com (also requires existing registration).

Once you have these, click on the "Pay" button and your transaction will start processing.
Confirmation of transactions takes a few seconds, but it is very important that you DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER.
If you have a two-round ID on your card, this is the point within your web browser where you need to approve the purchase. If this is not done, the purchase will fail.
When payment is made, the system will automatically redirect you to a confirmation page where you can download your tickets. In all cases, we recommend that you download and save your tickets here.

The validity of tickets will be checked on the day of the concert. You can print out your tickets or open the original PDF on your phone.

Very important:

If you have any further questions about buying tickets or if you get stuck, you can contact our colleagues at [email protected]! 😊

Have fun!
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